AS-289R2 Thermal Printer Shield

Control Commands

PDF - Control Commands [English Language]

PDF - Control Commands [Japanese Language]

How to Change the thermal roll paper

Step1 : press down the lever and remove platen.
Step2 : insert roll paper.
Step3 : put platen back.
-The LED2(Amber light) will turn on when it is out of paper or heads up.

Test Print & Hex Dump Mode

Hex-dump Mode is used to diagnose communication problems with the printer.
As information is received by the printer, the information is converted to a Hex/ASCII format and printed.
No translation is made, which means no commands are interpreted.
All information is converted to Hex/ASCII and printed on the receipt tape.

1. Power the printer off.
2. Hold the Feed button.
3. Power printer on, while still holding the Feed button.
4. Wait for the TEST print.
5. Printer is now in Hex-dump Mode.

About installation of paper holder

Acrylic mounting plate for the photo,ABC-Platemodification
ZIP (dxf + pdf)

Product Photos

ZIP (jpg) - Product Photos

MonochromeBitmap to cpp

[Web Tool] Convert BMP(the black-and-white binary) to cpp sourcecode